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Is AF-8 suitable for vegetarians?

Salutem Supplements Answer:

Yes! AF-8 is suitable for vegetarians and contains no traces of meat, fish, eggs or dairy.

Can children take AF-8?

I noticed that the seal on my tub was slightly raised on one edge when I first opened it, although the folded down prongs were all still engaged?

My partner and I seem to experience a different taste when taking AF-8? He finds it ‘sharper’ with a slight ‘undertone’ and does not like it as much as I do?

Is it better to take AF-8 with or without food?

Why does AF-8 sometime set/solidify in the tub?

Why is the tub only approximately half full of the AF-8 product?

I am taking more than one scoop a day of AF-8 – is doubling the dose of Vitamin D3 ok?

What if I find AF-8 tastes too strong for me?

I have researched dosage of L-Arginine and understand that it is ok for me to take more than one scoop of AF-8 as the measure contains around 5g of L-Arginine and it is safe to take much more than that. I am currently taking two scoops, one in the morning and one in the evening.

I am on the blood thinning drug warfarin, is it ok to take AF-8?

What sweetener is used in AF-8?

Will AF-8 help with my Osteoarthritis?

I am scheduled in for surgery, should I stop taking AF-8?

Why does the product scoop in the container show a measure of 15 at the top – when a full scoop is 10g of AF-8?

I have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation – is it ok for me to take AF-8?

I have noticed on a couple of occasions an increase in my heart rate after taking AF-8?

Do you add salt to AF-8?

I have been prescribed a Vitamin D3 supplement by my doctor – 800iu in one daily tablet. AF-8 already delivers 1000iu in a 10g scoop. Is it ok to continue to take AF-8?

I am on blood pressure medication. Is it ok to take AF-8?

From what source is the L-Citrulline used in AF-8 derived?

My tub of AF-8 lasted less than 30 days? Did my tub contain less powder than it should have done?

How do I know that I am getting the correct ingredient measures in the 300g tub and per 10g scoop as stated on the label?

From what source is the Vitamin K2 used in AF-8 derived?

Why should I buy your L-Arginine product when I have seen cheaper capsules and powders in the health store?

What kind of L-Arginine do you use in AF-8?

From what source is the Vitamin D3 used in AF-8 derived?

Is AF-8 produced in a factory that also produces products that contain nuts?

I have just received my new tub of AF-8 and when I mix up the powder it has a slightly different colour from my last tub and tastes stronger, it is more berry like in flavour and slightly sharper?

The powder in my tub has become solid?

How should I store AF-8?

At what time of the day is it best to drink AF-8?

How quickly should I drink AF-8?

I am finding that your product has a slight bitter taste?

Will AF-8 improve my blood pressure readings?

I have just started taking AF-8 and have been taking it for 3 days now and whilst I am not sure it is because of your product - I have had an upset stomach?

I am a diabetic. Can I take AF-8?

My AF-8 tastes different and seems to be stronger in flavour and more ‘sour/tart’ as I get further down the tub?


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